Relaxing Massage

Beneficial baths, relaxing massages

For our baths we use the “Soft Pack System” by Haslauer, the “number one” expert in the field. The pre-heated active ingredient is applied on wet skin or on a sheet in which the guest is then wrapped. The guest then lies on the warm bed and the tub is brought up to a maximum temperature of 37°. The guest experiences a pleasant sensation of warmth, lightness and relaxation. At the same time, the warmth favours the release and penetration of the active ingredients in the skin. This system guarantees an unlimited amount of warmth, a perfect position (because the body floats) and the benefits of the so-called occlusion effect that permits ten-fold penetration of the active ingredients in the skin.


The quality of our range of massages is down to the skill of our qualified masseurs, who are able to relax every fibre of your body. 

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Beneficial bath


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