Strata Hotel

Perfect furnishings & plenty of space ...

”Truly extraordinary.
Pleasant and surprising while blending in perfectly with the natural landscape. It’s all true!”

Jos Pirkner, sculptor, talking about the Strata Hotel

About the building:

The Königswarte Residence, with 8 generous apartments designed by the architect Peter Thurner, was inaugurated in 1994. All amenities, perfect furnishings and plenty of space, among other things, were just some of the main reasons that the Königswarte Residence was to become so successful.

In 2007 the architect Ulla Hell (Plasma Studio) planned and carried out an essential extension of the residence. The owners’ requirements were as follows:

  1. Use of local materials
  2. Contemporary design
  3. Apartments with separate bedrooms for children


Acht großzügige FerienwohnungenStrata - KönigswarteBaugeschichte

A separate building, also with generous apartments, was erected alongside the Königswarte Residence. A glass wall on the south-facing side of the structure affords an open view of the surrounding mountains. Only 3 local materials were used: original loden (from Brunico), larch wood (from the Alps) and tiles made of natural local stone. The name “Strata”, which literally means “Layer”, refers to the larch cladding of the building.

While both buildings are in markedly different styles, they complement each other perfectly and in absolute harmony. Our guests have said as much!

In 2015, an underground passageway will connect the Königswarte Residence - Strata Hotel to the Rainer Hotel. The design of this passageway will be entrusted to a well-known Tyrolean artist.

Awards received for the architecture:

  • Pipers Award 2008, Next generation architects
  • Alpine Interior Award 2011, Honourable Mention for the category “Alpine gastronomy”

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Strata Hotel

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