Villa Drei Birken - Betulin

Harmonic, cautious, reduced

The Villa Drei Birken was built in the 60ies on the sunny hillside of Sexten St. Veit. Willi Rainer bought the house in 1987 and changed it into a 6 flat appartment house. Being ahead of time, he chose an ecological way of building: all the furniture in the Villa is made out of „non treated wood“. The style was traditionally tyrolean.


Family Resort RainerBetulinBetulin - Family Resort Rainer

View on the Dolomites of Sexten

In summer 2016 the new part of the building could be opened. „Betulin“ was planned by “Plasmastudio” as a compact element which is perfectly integrated in surrounding topography.

The designconcept was not to touch the existing building of the 60ies, but to put a solitair at its side. Both buildings are connected. The addition uses a reduced but elegant material pallet that dialogues well with the surounding buildings and landscape: local larchwood on the outdise, preoxidized copper and floor to ceiling glass walls dominate the appearance.

The inside rooms are bright and allow a breathtaking view on the Dolomites of Sexten. The tailormade furniture is fully out of birchwood.


Villa Drei Birken - Betulin


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